You can leave your hat on

The fetish that many North-Americans have towards their baseball hats is a well-known fact, but recently I’ve begun paying attention to a peculiar thing. It seems that with some people, the caps have been sewn to their heads.

I work in an office that requires you put headphones while you work. Now, these guys (and not only guys) just don’t take their hats off. They just sit there, with the headphones over their hats. Not heads. Hats. This led me to one unavoidable conclusion:

They wish to become Jewish.

Religious Jews on all levels, from the ultra-orthodox to the Yeshiva boys, wear a head cover at all time, except when sleeping and showering. I guess those dudes handle their baseball caps the same way. In Judaism, the head cover is a sign of awe towards god, a kind of admittance to our humility in the presence of the divine. At this point, profusely used baseball caps may signify nothing more than nostalgia towards the Red Sox, but I have a feeling that that will change and that soon we will see talits, or praying shawls, sticking from underneath the T-shirts. I mean, insistent head cover in not-at-all-sunny conditions. What else could it be but a sweeping movement towards joining the chosen people?

Well, sure. Baseball caps might be just a form of a “cool” hairpiece, maybe to cover up baldness, or to impress the ladies, or not have the headphones scrape your skull, but I stick by my Judaism theory. It makes much more sense.

And let’s not forget those annoying people that arrive at the cinema, and watch the movie, with their hats on. Why… aren’t… you… taking… your… hats… off, for crying out very loud?

In the 18th and 19th century, hats were part of the fashion lingo. Men and women wore hats all the time. Especially men. BUT, and that’s a big but, whenever a man went inside a building, met a woman, talked to his elderly father, went into a meeting with his financial partners, he ALWAYS took off his hat.
Nowadays, forget it. You won’t see them without hats. But you will see them with their hats turned. Like, in reverse. Like, the other way around.

Why oh why do people wear their hats the other way around? It’s the same thing as that habit of wearing shirts turned inside-out. It’s considered cool, or at least was considered cool back in the 1980’s. What’s next? Shall we all wear our shoes on out hands? Why not walk the streets with our underwear on our heads? I mean, that would make us look cool! different! We stuck it to the man. We transported items of clothing from their original function. We have staked our claim in this world. We will NOT be told how to wear our clothes, because this is a democracy. Have people wore their sable hats backwards in Russia during Brezhnev’s Rule? I don’t think so!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go have a shower with my coat.


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  1. Galia S on

    Lior, you have a real eye for fashion…
    Did one of your actors piss you off because he came to the filming set with a hat on and wouldn’t take it off?

    Lior to Galia S: Nope, it has nothing do with any actors, but it does have to do with everyone else! And as for fashion sense, surely you jest.

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