Adverse effects on the apartment seeker

Exhaustion. Here’s what it does to you:

1. Last week, I was supposed to start my training at work on Monday. I came on Tuesday. Apparently, I read the diagram of the training plan from left to right instead of from top to bottom.

2. During the the past several weeks (including New York), I have walked 254, 870 miles in total. If you were to put all my travelling in one straight line, it would circle Earth 1.8 times (give or take a mile). As a result, I’ve developed foot pain and today I’ve officially started limping. Those Caterpillar shoes sure has their work cut out for them. Lucky I didn’t get cheap ones!

3. I went to see an apartment. I walked a lot to get to it. I waited on the stairs for half an hour. I thought we made an appointment for Tuesday. Apparently, it was for Thursday. Who decided how to name all these days, anyway?

4. While passing the time towards the meeting-that-was-for-thursday, I went to eat hamburger and fries. I sprinkled salt on it.

It was sugar.

5. At work, I tried to send an e-mail a couple of times and just couldn’t do it. The address book kept popping up. I called someone to help me find what’s wrong.

Note to self: Next time, click on “Send”, not on “To”.

6. I went to see another address. It was at no. 462. the street was very long. The sun was very hot. My mouth was dry and my feet hurt like hell. I stood near no. 100 and had no intention of getting to no. 462 by foot, so I stopped a cab. when we got there we discovered an empty lot. I phoned the guy and asked him what’s the deal. where’s the house?

The house was at no. 146. I took the cab back and stopped one hundred meters from where I first took it. I paid seven dollars to drive up the street and back again, or in other words, I paid seven dollars to advance one hundred meters.

And that’s very symbolic, you know.


2 comments so far

  1. Galia Vurgan on

    C’mon, erase the last sentence! Too bitter, man, and kills the subtle joy derived from the rest of the post… Be a sport till the end! You w-i-l-l have an apartment, you w-i-l-l have three hot SDI Scandinavian girls rubbing your sore feet, it’s all just a matter of time… ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE, tutu, tutu-tutu-tutu…
    Have a gorgeous week
    Galia (Vurgan…)

  2. Lior on

    But deleting material is cheating! Besides, it wasn’t meant to be bitter. It’s just what it is. Actually, I thought it was pretty amusing.

    In a bitter way…

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