Of mice and men

Now, wh0 said you have to be lonely in New York?

I have a new roommate. He is very small, grey, and has a little tail, and he comes out of the wall in the kitchen to keep me company. Alas, the little bugger doesn’t share the rent.

Last night I went to sleep and turned the lights off. I was very tired and was sure I’ll be asleep in no time. Then, I started hearing strange noises that came from the direction of  the kitchen counter. It seemed that the thing making the sound was the foil that covered the sliced white bread I bought in the morning. My first thought was that I didn’t close the bread properly and that the foil had somehow started unwrapping all by itself.

But the more I listened the more it seemed that something was physically TOUCHING the foil. So my second, obvious thought was: cockroaches.

But what kind of cockroach makes a noise like that? It seemed to be a much heavier creature than an insect.

So I turned on the lights, and then I saw it. A grey flash that shot behind the microwave and disappeared. I cringed in disgust. I saw something but I wasn’t sure what. Only thing I knew was that I’m not alone. There’s a live animal in the apartment with me, and it’s not a pet.

At first, I thought it was a rat. I saw them outside at night, running in the park. I checked behind the counter and saw that there was probably no way that a rat could pass through what looked like a narrow margin between the counter and the wall.

So the only logical conclusion that was left was: It was a mouse.

I was sure the little critter came out because it was dark and because he noticed the bread. So I kept the light in the kitchen on (after putting all the food inside the fridge and taking the garbage out) and went back to sleep, but I was very jittery. I’m not used to living with rodents in the same apartment. (Now, as a side note, one must understand that apparently, mice are a pretty common occurence here in NY. It doesn’t necessarily have something to do with the cleanliness of your apartment. They just live in the walls of the old buildings). So I tossed and turned and kept imagining hordes of mice climbing on the bed while I’m sleeping, and chewing my legs.

Finally, when there was no sign of the pest, I turned off the lights and tried to sleep again. It was four in the morning. I hated the bastard. Hated it. The most unsettling thing was that I had no idea what it looked like, only that it was grey.

Flash forward to the next day. It was evening. I sat at my computer. Suddenly, I heard a noise from the corner of the room.

Now, mind you, the lights were on, I was up and awake. By all conceivable logic, I should’ve stayed master of my own dwelling.

But then I saw him. He was playing with a piece of chocolate candy I brought with me from Israel. It probably fell from the bag at some point and got stuck in some corner. Well, the little bugger found it. The candy was ball shaped and the mouse was hammering it from side to side as if trying to score a goal. I got up from the chair. It noticed me and bolted to its secret hideout behind the counter. This time I got a much better look at it, albeit just for two seconds. I couldn’t believe it. A little mouse. In the middle of the apartment. Snickering at me and brandishing its tail.

No wonder so many people here have cats. I couldn’t believe it. The fucker got out in BROAD LAMP LIGHT to score himself a chocolate ball. A conniving, mischevious and fearless little bastard. Who knows when he’ll decide to pop out again.

There are some mouse traps in the drugstore down the street, but I don’t think I’ll buy them. I’m leaving the apartment soon anyway, and besides, I don’t really feel like killing him.

After all, he’s company, and beggers can’t be choosers, can they?

I just hope it won’t bring any of its friends. 



1 comment so far

  1. shel berman on

    Now you will value the presence of cats.
    (I just imagine waht a party that creature could have been to our two felines…hours of fun)

    Lior to shel berman: I have always valued the presence of cats!

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