Why I blog in English

I’ve been asked several times why I blog in English, instead of Hebrew. Well, that’s a damn good question, so I’ll try and answer it the best way I can.

It all started with Myspace. I opened a page there, and a blog. But I didn’t like the fact that the blog was practically hidden inside the page. A lot of people didn’t even see it was there. So after a short while I decided to move to a place where the blog is the main thing, in contrary to your friends list or what music you like.

And then I thought: Why not keep blogging in English?

There are several Israely blogging sites, some of them aren’t bad at all, and I did consider that for a while, but the thought of keep blogging in English, even outside of Myspace, was very tempting. As mentioned in a previous post, I may be an Israely, but as far as the Internet is concerned, and as far as my writing is concerned, I see my self as a citizen of the world, and would like my writing to reach as many people as possible, without any language barriers. Almost all of my Hebrew speaking friends  have no trouble reading in English, while on the other hand, most people in the world can’t read Hebrew, but most of them (especially those who surf the web regularly), do read in English. So for me, the logical thing was to write in English.

And if there is anyone out there who find it difficult or annoying or just troublesome, I apologize. Hey, maybe it’ll change one day and I’ll start blogging in Hebrew, but for now I’m doing my baby steps in the blogging business, so we’ll see. 

This blog is supposed to have an international appeal, so I’m not going to talk about things only Israely people will understand. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to ever mention things on the news that concern Israel, but for the most part, This is not a political blog. I truly believe that the things which interest me are universal.

One other thing is that I fell in love with the WordPress blog layouts. Most of them are quite beautiful, and because I see my blog not only as a place to write my thoughts, but also as my little personal corner on cyberspace, that was important for me. (despite some maddening technical issues. I tell you, it took a LOT of time to figure out all the features and gyzmos, and I’m not through with it yet…)

So there you have it. I want to write a blog with an international appeal (and also, I admit, practise my English at the same time. It takes me much more time to write in English, but I think it’s worth it), and I liked this layout enought so stay here. (it wasn’t really planned).

So the blog in Myspace won’t be updated anytime soon. I’m here at WordPress for now, blogging in english.


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