Cards and Lemonade

The title of this Weblog is of course based on the wonderful movie “As good as it gets”, which tells us that we should do the best with what we’ve got.

I am a man of few ambitions, but the ones I’ve got sometimes prevent me from living in the present. I often feel that if only I had more, if only I had the chance that the next guy has…

There are all these phrases: “When you get lemons, make some lemonade”, or “You should play the cards you got dealt with”. All of them true, all of them hard to live by in real life, at least for me.

Because when you need something, you just well… need it. And if there’s anything I can say for my defence is that I don’t think I ever craved something I didn’t feel I deeply needed on an emotional level. Things which their absence leaves me hollow. 

I’ve always had problems dealing with disappointments, and in turn, I became more bitter over the years, using pessimism and self deprecating humor to shield myself from them.

But sometimes you don’t have that luxury anymore. Sometimes you just need to jump in the water and hope for the best (and of course, prepare for the worst… there it is again).

And you know what the most shitty thing about this whole “I won’t hope for anything so I won’t be disappointed”  system is?

That’s right. You get disappointed anyway.

I’m at a crossroads. I look left, I look right, and I’m not sure what to do. I don’t have all the details, I’ll never have all the details. Because that’s it. That’s all there is.

So what if this is as good as it gets?  


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  1. Shel Berman on

    regarding your new design, it’s nice (I know you hate that word, but what do you want me to say “great”? “awsome”?). Just one thing: the white text of the blog’s name desolves into the background of the picture.
    I really like the “look and feel” of those WordPress blogs. I want to find something similar in Hebrew.
    Now, regarding the content of what you wrote. What can I tell you that won’t sound like a cliche from a cheap “How to be Succesfull” book? Everything is true, Life itself is a cliche and that’s a cliche also.
    The fear is that taliking all the time about doing things can become the biggest block against actually doing them (remmember Monthy Python’s “Life of Brian” where they discuss about the importance of “immidiete action” and are not doing anything actually?).
    I don’t think that we should not talk. taking about things is a little closer to DOING than just thinking about them, and writing is even closer. That is why your BLOG is a good step towards DOING STUFF.
    About real action, and feeling better about yourself, I belive in two ways to get out of the infinite discussion paradox.
    The first is physical action. Sports, Martial Arts, Sex (preferably another person). This is a good way to connect to your basic physical self that was there before all your thoughts and doubts, and a good place to train in self improvment without any dependance of outer cheers. A writer needs an audience. A wolf that hunts does not. Try to be a wolf.
    The second, is doing things for other people. At the short run it seems a waste of energy that could have been spent on yourself instead, but at the long run, this is the sure way to build this so saught-after self esteem.

  2. Lior on

    Thank you, Mr. Berman. Your comments are quite to the point. Thanks for reading.

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