How nice

Nice. I hate that word.

“Nice” is what you say when you really have nothing to say.

How was the movie? I don’t know. Nice, I guess.

“Nice” is when you don’t have any passionate feeling towards something. “Nice” is boredom. From a creative standpoint, “nice” is the worst thing that one can say about your movie/book/song. I’d prefer to hear “Man, I hated your book so much, it made me so mad, I just couldn’t sleep at night”. Yeah! that’s what I’d like to hear, some true emotions! Much better than “Oh, your book? Well, it was… nice, I guess”.

Love it or hate it, don’t “nice” it. The most interesting works of art are the ones that split people right in the middle between lovers and haters, books or movies or songs or paintings that elicit some significant response, works that you can’t be indifferent to.

The worse use of the word “nice” is when it comes to people.

“Oh, he’s a nice guy”. Well, no, no. no. Nice is bland, nice is nothing special. Nice is like vanilla ice cream or a big mac. Been there, done that. Next.

If you’re too nice, you’re in deep shit when it comes to women. Nice guys try to please their ladies so much and be so nice all the time they always end up as platonic friends, never lovers. Over niceness is not sexy. And what if they fall in love with her? Poor shmucks.

So what can you do to avoid over niceness in your art as well as your life? Well, be bold, take chances, dare, don’t be afraid, believe in yourself.

Just say “fuck it” and do what you want to do, not what you think you’re supposed to do.

Follow your heart.


2 comments so far

  1. Galia on

    Very well phrased, dear! Now read the last 3 paragraphs outloud, 3 times a day, and maybe you’ll really start to believe in them… As for the crossroad (next entry), hope to see you tomorrow in the office and discuse it…
    And in the meantime… Like your beloved Clooney once said, good night and good luck.

  2. shel berman on

    Hey, that’s a nice post!

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